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Terre Joie

Terre Joie was started by Joe Saade, a wine lover and former adman who had sold his agency network to create in Lebanon a wine that would generate ideas and pleasure, rather than just advertising ideas to help other people’s products. He took a residential course at UC Davis, then enrolled in the wine MSc program of OIV (Organisation Internationale du Vin).

The name Terre Joie, land of happiness in French, describes our view of our country, but it is primarily based on the initials of our son, who passed away in a diving accident in Seattle.

fLuR, the name of our top wine, used to be our son’s web handle. He wanted it to stand for “Freakin’ Lighthearted Unrepenting Rebel”.

Our terroir is probably unique in the worlds since our vineyard sits atop a tectonic rift formed by the joining of three plates, each coming from Europe, Asia or Africa. The weather and soil conditions in the Bekaa valley are ideal for organic viticulture, which we practice. We also have 300 days of sunshine and several weeks of snow every year.

The first wine produced in commercial quantity was the 2013 vintage. Two years later the 2015 fLuR was eventually awarded a rating of 92 by the UK International Wine Challenge and a 90 by Robert Parker. That was only the beginning…

Aromatix Rosé 2020
A single vineyard single variant Rose.
Soeur de Flur 2016/2017
Combining fruity aromas with an intricate balance between smoothness and punch, this wine will fill any occasion with joy.
CinLight 2019
The light but rich character of CinLight is a direct result of both age and altitude.
fLuR 2016
A complex aroma, harmonious structure, and salient spiciness that dance through the long finish. The intricate layers repeatedly reveal underlying surprises ensuring an amplified experience every time.

Fun Facts

  • Our production manager and partner Abiy Beydoun, an Ottawa-trained engineer who gave us a hand in our first Vinifest stand (Lebanon annual wine trade show) in 2018, immediately decided this is the business he wanted to be in. He joined us three months later and since then all his friends and family tell him he was born to be in wine. Joe says so too!
  • David Ciry, our consulting French oenologist since 2012, is a great guitar player and very talented cook. He even started a restaurant on his own wine domain in Languedoc (southern France) but he does not play music to all customers!
  • Tony, our logistics man, is a former army rank-officer in the commando brigade. He really knows how to get things done quickly and efficiently. He has never raised his voice but nobody can raise as many crates of grapes with bare hands.
  • Colette, our friend and artist who draws all the art on our labels, is also as tricontinental as the subsoil of our vineyard: she carries three nationalities, European, Asian an African. She was born in Lebanon, lived most of her years in Cyprus, and is married to a South African.
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