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Domaine S.NAJM

In Northern Lebanon, just 600m above Batroun, lies the road into Chabtine. Follow this path past the many shrines, and its natural end you will find vineyards and the 200-year-old olive trees of Domaine S.NAJM. It is here that our story begins.

Domaine S.NAJM is the creation of Hiba and Salim NAJM, a couple whose family has been producing Extra-virgin olive oil and arak for decades. In the early nineties of the last century, it seemed a natural progression to add red wine to the S.NAJM dinner table.

Combining Salim’s experience as an agricultural engineer with Hiba’s expertise as an oenologist, the family set out to create a thoughtful blend of Mourvedre, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache that perfectly captures the exciting terroir of an area that is home to Lebanon’s boutique wine Industry.

Nowadays, the family is getting larger by introducing White Wine and Rose Wine to complete the S.NAJM dinner table.

White 2020
Elegant, supple, presenting notes of peach, white flowers, honey and lemon balanced out by cool minerals.
Rosé 2020
Voluptuous wine presenting bright plump red and black fruits.
Northpath 2016
Deep purple color. Delicious Mediterranean character with aromas of cloves and pepppers.
Grenache 2018
Grown naturally at 600m, in a poorly, gravely soil, our Grenache exhibits rich spicy berry flavors.
Northpath 2017
Deep purple color. Delicious Mediterranean character with aromas of cloves and pepppers.

Fun Facts

  • Did you Know that our wine has a “Woman’s Touch”? Our Winemaker is Hiba 
    El Matni Najm, one of Lebanon’s first Oenologist.
  • Did you know that our wine “Runs in our blood”? Domaine S.Najm is a family owned and operated Estate. As a family, we, personally, handle everything, from the grapes growing, harvesting till the wine making
  • Did you know that Wine and Olive Oil are a “Match made in heaven”? Our vineyard is located at 600m. above sea level and is planted between centunaries olive trees.
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