Couvent Rouge

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Couvent Rouge

In Deir el Ahmar, a small village in the Northern Bekka Valley, “Coteaux d’Heliopolis” a cooperative farming project was founded in 1999. The enterprise encouraged farmers to plant grapes versus cannabis to create a sustainable economic environment.  The cooperative was a success and today supports more than 250 farmers.  Two enterprising growers, Charbel El Fakhri and his partner Walid Hobchy founded Couvent Rouge Winery in 2010.  Using organic and Fairtrade certified grapes from their vineyards and the co-op they have created a range of wines.  These includer an accessible “Petit Couvent” consisting of a red, white, and rose; and the “Couvent Rouge” wines which have more weight and structure; and the limited production Racines line.  They created the first Lebanese sparkling wine, petulant natural which they have crowned LebNat. Their Couvent Rouge received a Silver Medal at the 2019 San Francisco International Wine Competition, and the Racine white was selected as one of the best Mediterranean wines by Wine and Spirits magazine.  Located near the winery in the village of Balbeek is the Temple of Bacchus, one of the largest and best preserved Roman temples in the world.  One must pay homage to the god of wine after partaking in the delightful fruits at Couvent Rouge.

White 2020
Floral and green fruit aroma.
Rosé 2018
Tropical fruits and apricot aroma.
Red 2016
Red fruit aroma.
PetNat Gold 2020
Racines 2018

Fun Facts

  • Did you know that our slogan is “From Cannabis to Cabernet” and that most of the village’s vine-growers were actually cannabis growers.
  • Did you know that our region has such adequate climate and soil conditions that all our vineyards are organic certified and don’t require any kind of chemical additives? 
  • Did you know that we plant new varietals every year, in search for the ones that are the most appropriate to our region.
  • Did you know that Couvent Rouge was the first to introduce the Tféifihé varietal to one of its blends.
  • Did you know that Couvent Rouge is the first Lebanese PetNat producer
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