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Chateau Oumsiyat

Named to the list of one of World’s Best Vineyards in 2021 and 2020, Chateau Oumsiyat is currently under the leadership of fourth generation winemaker Joseph Bou Sleiman and his family.  With its vineyards located in the fertile Bekka Valley, the wines produced from these grapes are refreshing but reveal concentrated fruit.  Bou Sleiman focuses on growing a wide spectrum of grapes including native Lebanese varietals Obeidy, Merwah, and Meksassi.  He aims to produce wines that are balanced, elegant, and share the essence of the terroir. Bou Sleiman has built an exquisite destination winery in the village of Mtein, that includes a restaurant and guest rooms.     

Le Passionne 2016
Complex Flavors of Chocolate, Tobacco and Vanilla. A silky palate and elegant tannins contribute to a pleasant finish.
Jaspe 2019
Tasting notes - Intense and aromatic aromas of wild red and black fruits are overlaid with hints of black pepper spice. Beautifully structured on thepalate, with well-integrated tannins enveloping the rich fruit through to a long finish.
Merweh 2021
Tasting notes - Made from Merweh, an indigenous Lebanese white variety, this aromatic wine combining citrus and stone fruits and has mineral flavors through to a lovely, a soft balance, and a vinous finish: classy and delicious.
Soupir 2021
A delicately colored rosé with notes wild red berried fruit complemented by subtle floral notes. Stylish with dry palate through a refreshing finish.
Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2020
A lovely blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with Dark Berries Dominance mixed with black plum flavors enhanced by chocolate and vanilla, smooth and fruit forward. Concentrated tannins, balanced with good acidity and persistence finish.
Obeidy 2021
Made from Obeidy, an indigenous Lebanese white variety, this aromatic wine has exotic fruit and mineral flavours through to a lovely, whistle clean finish.

Fun Facts

  • The wine industry has historically been dominated by men. As such, little is known about how many women actually work in the industry, nor what roles they might play. “ Cynthia Bou Sleiman.  At Chateau Oumsiyat Cynthia is a driving force behind the family winery, as the Co-owner and Development Manager.  She is also a devoted wife and mother of four.
  • Named as one of the world’s best vineyards by World’s Best Vineyards for two consecutive years.  Chateau Oumsiyat is a fourth-generation family-run winery in Lebanon with spectacular views overlooking the coast and dense pine tree forests producing wines from the indigenous Obeidy and Merwah grapes. 


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