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Chateau Cana

Recently named to the World’s 2021 Best Vineyard list, Chateau Cana was founded by Dr. Fadi Gerges in the 1990s, and is now run by his daughter Joanna.  Situated in the lush Lamartine Valley, the winery is a 30-minute drive from the capital city of Beirut.   The vineyard is planted with 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Sabbaghieh, and 10% Chardonnay. The gravely soil, variable climatic conditions, and hilltop vineyards combine to produce grapes with an unforgettable taste profile.  Harvest is done by hand with minimal intervention made to the grapes during fermentation.  Select wines created by Chateau Cana include Les Cabires in red, blanc, and rose; Jardin Secret, created from 100% Sabbaghieh, a Lebanese grape; Pinot Noir; Le Chateau; Selection Speciale; and the traditional Lebanese spirit Arak Soukara.  The architectural beauty of the winery includes welcoming indoor and outdoor spaces, and an intimate guesthouse perfect for a reflective weekend.     

Pinot Noir 2014
This wine’s bouquet reveals hints of ripe red cherry fruit. The palate unravels elegant flavors of red berries and sweet spices. Pinot Noir is light to medium in body and its tannins are soft and smooth. Well balanced, light and elegant, this is classic Pinot.
Mariage de Cana 2014
The name itself takes on a highly symbolic meaning since it’s from Cana of Galilé, and precisely in south Lebanon, where Jesus Christ transformed water into wine during a wedding.
Jardin Secret 2013
This wine’s unique bouquet can be attributed to its 100% tenor in a traditional Lebanese grape ‘Sabbaghieh’. Grown in villagers’ gardens, ‘Sabbaghieh’ grapes deliver a wine that is dense and deep, offering the specific taste of sunny grapes.
Les Cabires Blanc 2021
This fresh and keen wine is a blend of Chardonnay and Mekssassi. It offers a penetrating subtle aroma, enticing wonder to the palate. Les Cabires Blanc is a dry wine, medium to full-bodied. With a hint of acidity that wanders across the taste buds, the fruit intensity reaches a perfect balance.
Le Cabires Rouge 2018
This wine is the product of rigorous selection of the finest grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. The exceptionally favorable climate of the vineyard and the exclusive manual grape harvest provide Les Cabires Rouge with its very own constitution and unique bouquet.

Fun Facts

  • The majority of employees at Château Cana are women
  • This female-driven winery is the only winery that produces wine from the grape called “Sobbaghieh” 
  • What started of as a humanitarian project, turned into a business for generations to come
  • At the winery, there is a venue area for events as well as a small private guesthouse
  • Our guard dog is called “Pinot” 


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